About Us

This is the part where we tell you about us (according to us). This is not just an opportunity to give you an insight to how we started and what inspires us but research tells us that this is where we provide 'CONTENT' and the Google machine looooves content.

This is where cleaver e-commerce folks will tell a story to the consumer and Google at the same time by throwing in a bunch of keywords (Google) and Interests (consumer). So for example we would identify that a potential customers interest would be cycling or running or fitness, we could be more specific and mention that our gear is for trail runners or park runners, mountain bikers or maybe you prefer spinning or court sports like squash, and badminton or maybe its OCR or Crossfit, if that's the case then I would suggest our performance Technical shirts or if you are a road cyclist we would promote our range of stand out performance cycle jerseys.

Now that I have the keywords and interests out the way I feel I can better explain what we about

We are a family business creating stand out gear (cycle jerseys, technical T-shirts and leggings) we search and source designs from illustrators and graphic designers from around the world and apply them to our performance garments.

We also offer a Custom Made service where we utilise our resources to provide bespoke running, cycling and golf wear. for more info please visit our Custom Made page.



REdbEAR Sports