About Us

REdbEAR sports was started in 2011 shortly after my wife and I returned to the UK after living in South Africa (I’m South African). I had been working in the sportswear trade in Johannesburg and looking back the work I enjoyed most was creating bespoke sportswear for schools, clubs and corporates.

With my beautiful wife working in London we felt that this was an opportunity to start something. Initially we flirted with the idea of a junior golf range, then thought maybe something niche like a Bamboo range however when I showed a mentor the idea of a Christmas themed running top he quickly pointed out that something like that would give us a “peg to hang our coat on”

We felt set to start our journey on creating fun vibrant running & cycling clothing that was functional and fit for purpose. As one blogger put it ‘kit with personality’ we use eco-friendly inks in the sublimation process and performance polyesters across the range. In early 2019 we started using an Italian fabric in our ranges.

The name REdbEAR was the work of my wife. She came up with it in a very short period of time. Its not a big secret but it has for the most part remained a secret as to how she came up with it. If you must know and its keeping you up at night….let me know and I will put your mind to rest

Designs, ideas & themes are plentiful but we don’t come from a design background which meant we started working with illustrators and designers from around the world and that’s when the next piece of the puzzle fell into place – by showcasing the illustrations and letting the customers know who created it the products then had a back story.

To date we have had designers from Argentina, South Africa, USA, UK, Ukraine, Lithuania, Turkey, Philippines, India.

We look forward to the next design and invite you to get in touch with any themes or ideas you would like to see on a running top or cycle jersey.


Ja & Nat


REdbEAR Sports